The Three Way to Wear Option

Hi loves, well June is almost over, and come to think of it June is the halfway mark of this year being almost over as well.  When starting this blog my goal has been to post something here at least once if not twice a month and the  last day of June is fastly approaching.  So, without further ado let me give you a few details about my makes for this month.  I made this top and skirt a few Summers ago with this gorgeous floral linen  fabric that I purchased at Joann Fabrics but on the other hand I might have purchased it at Hancock Fabric before they went out of business ( I'm still sad about that, I really enjoyed shopping there ). I used a pattern to make the top and the skirt was self drafted .  The top is pullover with elastic neckline and 3/4 length sleeve with flounce .  The skirt is a straight line, maxi length with elastic in waist. As you can see in the photos ( below ), I have paired the top with pants ( an old purchase from Dillards ) and I paired the Skirt with a solid…

Floral Blues

Hi loves, well as promised I'm back today!!! and I believe this is the first time I've posted a make back to back huuuummm.  Okay, this set is one of my favorites, the pants are are wide, airy and flowy, and had I bought them off rack I would have had to make adjustments in the legs and given them a hem too which, is one of the reasons I like making my own clothes for my petite frame.  The top has a gathered neckline with a casing for feeding a strap through to secure it by tying it into a bow ( which I preferred to wear in the front ).  This set was fairly easy to make and I believe it is beginner friendly. I used Simplicity pattern  number 1112 view A for top and view C for pants.  Thanks for stopping by viewers and too can make it if you try, just DIY! Blessing to all.

The Chambray Top and Pant

Hi loves, Yes! I know it has been awhile since I last posted anything and that is due to a number of things happening in my corner of life and household lately.  With career and hour changes and the the loss of both our mothers ( the hubby's and mine ) within the space of eight months, that has been the most difficult of all things to bounce back from to say the least....but we are pressing on forward one day at a time.  We were caregivers to our moms and even though we're quite aware of the fact they are in a better place than we could have ever provided for them, we miss them very much. So please lift us up in your prayers and thanks in advance.

The May-me-makes that I'm wearing here were sewn with two different pattern brands.  For the top I used  McCall 7659 view A and for the pants I used Simplicity 8605 View A,E.  I purchase the Chambray fabric ( which has a very soft feel ) for top and pants from Joann's Fabrics.  The top's pattern is pretty advance because…

Easy To Sew Tunic

I'm definitely one whose's always on the hunt for clothes that are comfortable these days especially when I have such a busy schedule during the week ( Home health at home as well as in the evenings away from home ) and I'm even busier on weekends with running errands, church, spending quality time with family which usually entails me cooking dinner, hosting and/or attending an event or engaging in one of my most favorite things....SEWING!! Oh no I can't go for too long without stitching something together.  Which brings me to share with you all, a few details about this long tunic with splits on each side. I wore this very comfy top today with one of my favorite pairs of skinny leg jeans ( old, from Chico's ). This tunic was a very easy make with the Simplicity Pattern 8138 view A and the fabric I used was a med weight 100% polyester and is the reason I opt to not make the cap sleeves as shown on the model in the picture.  The layout and instructions were very ea…

Eula's Iced Potatoes and Green Beans Recipe

Growing up in the south (Florida to be exact ) with fresh vegetable/fruit market and stands on almost every corner, fresh was never hard to come by. Although there were some can veggies stocked in the pantry they were there only if getting to the market to buy fresh wasn't possible.  I can recall right now the many of mornings and sometimes evening my granny and I would walk to the corner store and purchase fresh green beans and potatoes, return to the house and gather all the things we needed to prep the beans and head out to sit on her huge front porch to snap and wash the beans for cooking.  And even to this day I can still hear my granny say " Chile add a few iced potatoes, which were white potatoes ( although I use red potatoes now ) in those beans" as she showed me how to cook green beans.

So here I'm sharing how I prep and cook this delicious green bean and potato dish that is great as a meal all by itself or a side dish with one of your favorite entree.  Let…

The Balloon Sleeve Top

First off I would like to say Happy Spring to all!! This year's fashion crave are garments that focus on sleeves so I'm starting my  Spring fashion review off with this balloon sleeved top. Surely you all can tell by that huge smile on my face ( in the following pics. ) that I love the outcome of  it!.  The pattern used was a McCall brand number M7687.  On a scale from very easy to average I would say that it's average due to the fact that it has a six button closure on the back ( sorry I didn't get photos of back....rats!!! ) and darts on fronts bodice as well as having to assemble the gathers on sleeves.  My fabric choice was a leopard print, light - medium weight cotton that I purchased at Joann's Fabrics, second could have been Hancocks Fabrics before it went out of business because I have had this fabric for quite sometime now.  Will I make this top again?  absolutely and probably in a linen or silky fabric.
 Thanks so much to everyone who stopp…

Got Faith!

According to God's word in the book of Hebrew Chapter 11 verse 1 says Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

That is one pretty simple definition of  faith ( I appreciate it being so simple God, thank you ) While faith is putting our trust in something we cannot see, it doesn't mean that there is no evidence for that faith.  We believe God exist not because we can see Him but because we have plenty of evidence that He exists.  We have nature,  Roman 1: 20  states that for since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature -have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made such as the sky, clouds, moon, sun, stars, trees, and flowers (just to name a few) so we're without excuse.  We just can not explain creation without acknowledging God as the Creator.  We also have God's word ( the bible ) which proclaims that God exists and there's plenty of proof of  hi…